Summer Camp

Summer Art Camp


Participants 11-14 years old, August 9-13th, 2021.
Participants 6-10 years old, August 16-20th, 2021.


Drop off time: 8:50 am

Pick up time: 1:00 pm

-Fee for the week: $215+13% HST includes supplies. No refunds (unless the province is under lockdown at the time).
-Registration on First come-first served basis.
-Registration fee by e-tranfer at (no password needed).

Day 1, SCULPTURE with clay.
The students will work in two or 3 projects
A) Create an imaginary animal (Mexican alebrije),
B) Create a vehicle (space craft, train, boat, etc.)
C) Hand build a human.

Day 2,  PAINTING with oil paint on canvas.  Flower bouquet and vase, Baroque style.

The students will work in two projects:
A) learn how to use a SLR pro camera (we have this camera in the Studio) and professional lighting to make self portraits and a still life composition.
B) Outdoor creative photography, using a small camera or a smart phone (brought from home) the student will learn to observe nature using natural light.

Day 4, DRAWING. The student, through observation of a live object, will learn the basics of drawing with the right proportions and create volume with light and shadow using graphite.

Day 5, Color of Sculptures made of clay and wrapping up projects.


The class size is maximum 5 attendees so we can practice physical distancing.

-The teacher wears a face mask.

-We have increased the cleaning schedule and routine, with regular wiping of main surfaces (handles, light switches, washroom facilities, common surfaces, etc.)

-We have surface sanitizer, wipes and hand sanitizer available for use.

-We clean the equipment that is used daily.


Students attending sessions will be required to wear masks or facial covers to help minimize the risk of transfer.

-We ask that participating students have their temperature checked at home before travelling to the Studio each day.

-Children who don’t feel well should not attend sessions.

Our steps taken and guidance may adjust as local health authority recommendations are updated.

Steps taken by the Studio are to increase comfort and to try to make the experience more rewarding for participating students.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the upcoming Camp. If you plan to have someone attend please confirm the details to me at

Thanks and stay safe!


2 hour workshop


Enjoy a great time with your best friends or co-workers!

Learn how to make professional SELFIES. With a 2 hour step-by-step guided workshop you and your friends will understand the basics of light, backdrop and camera use (I have the camera, you can bring your smart phone as well). We will email you your photos in high definition.
We offer our participants a glass of wine red or white, snacks, music and lots of fun!

To book a party we need:
– 6 participants minimum +19
-50% deposit, no refundable.

Cost of the workshop:   $40 plus 13% HST per person all included.